3rd Annual SOUP is LOVE is Underway!




One Day Only!

Saturday Sept 14 10–4

1222 Mountain Rd NW


Make bowls, mugs and herb pots, all items that facilitate good soup. We thank Penne for helping with the Soup Project since the beginning, this is a chance for you to learn some basic ceramic skills or advance your ideas, Penne has 40 years ceramic experience.

Also Save These Dates:

Oct 19-20 Sat/Sun 10-4

November 9-10 Sat/Sun 10-4

November 23-24 Sat/Sun 10-4

December14-15 Sat/Sun 10-4

January 11-12 Sat/Sun 10-4

January 25-26 Sat/Sun 10-4

100 Day Art Challenge Begins October 1st

I’ve been thinking for awhile about a special project and now I think I’m almost ready. You know that I love paper quilting so I will post daily to Facebook and Instagram a part of the 100 piece paper quilt.

More info to come, planning begins now!

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Art making continues…

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Richard’s Corner

Monday the 26 of August started poorly…

My new special order shoes arrived and they did not fit. So, we were more than ready to see Cory Booker speak at a rally at Marble Brewing in Albuquerque at 5:00. We arrived at 4:45 to find a line of hundreds of people. I can’t stand in line for 60 minutes plus, so we asked if they could accommodate me. They sent me to the ADA line on the other side of the building and we were shown to seats next to the stage,about 6 feet from the mic stand. Mayor Tim Keller introduced Cory at around 5:40 and we heard a very inspirational speech and life story for about 45 minutes. I was pretty sure that I was the only person in the crowd who was born in Newark NJ, where Cory had been mayor before joining the Senate.

Because he is 50, Cory told us instead of taking questions, he would take selfies with everyone. We were very close to him, so we got our selfie quickly. Vicki told him that I was from Newark and I said I have a joke for you, which is exciting for any candidate.

My Joke: What kind of milk does Mitch McConnell drink?

Only milk from Russian bovines

And that’s why they call him MosCow Mitch

I made a future president laugh

If not now, in 2028

We need a president who appreciates laughter


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