Origami Garden Art

The garden cranes are hand-painted Tyvek, [Tyvek is house- construction material] so, it is as durable as your house. Once painted, it’s ready for origami folding. The origami cranes are weather and UV light resistant. These horizontal chains are strung with steel bailing wire, while the cranes alternate with beads and coins. You receive the cranes ready to hang. Outdoor peace cranes for your doorway, portal, patio, porch or window. Feng shui approved as a house-warming gift. The cranes will fly, without a cry, stay out in the rain, with this refrain: We will not fade, of Tyvek we are made, miracle plastic Vicki can fold, stay outside, winter, snow, and cold. As symbols, known as beings of peace, like prayer-flags flapping in the breeze.

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