OFFCenter receives a Bravos Award!

So well deserved, and I am happy to continue my support of the programming offered by OFFCenter Community Arts, through the Soup is Love Project. OFFCenter has been enhancing the lives of those in our community, especially those who have been marginalized, through art making and social interaction since 2001. It has served as an inclusive community space, and an “open” arts studio. It provides materials free of charge and is welcoming to all ages.

2019 Creative Bravos Award Winners Making a Significant Impact in the Community

Awards Recognize the Breadth of Creative Work That Exists in the Albuquerque Area
November 1st at the Kimo

The City of Albuquerque’s Creative Bravos Awards are dedicated to recognizing and honoring work that makes a significant impact on the lives of residents, neighborhoods, and/or communities. The awards are given annually to individuals, youths, teams, events, programs, organizations and businesses that celebrate the breadth of creative work that exists in the city.




1. Make a bowl for the 3rd Annual Soup is Love Project

The Soup is Love Project is a fundraiser for Off Center Arts.
experience is necessary! I always have someone on hand that can help you. A $5 donation covers material costs.

Then in 2020 we’ll have the 3rd Annual Soup is Love reveal to show off
the collection of bowls made, sell bowls, enjoy some soup (not in the
bowl you buy though!)

As an artist, I love the concept of Off Center Arts because it’s exactly what’s important about art – connecting with people. I hope you’ll join me and the rest of the community in this interactive event.

2. Connect with the Community

I have people of all walks of life join me and connect in the studio. It’s wonderful to see everyone make new friends

Save the Dates

October 19-20 Sat/Sun 10-4

November 9-10 Sat/Sun 10-4

November 23-24 Sat/Sun 10-4

December14-15 Sat/Sun 10-4

January 11-12 Sat/Sun 10-4

January 25-26 Sat/Sun 10-4

NEW:100 Day Art Challenge beginning October 1st

You know that I love paper quilting so I will post daily to Facebook and Instagram a part of the 100 piece paper quilt. Here’s my first post!

New Art on Website & Prints / Products on Redbubble

Art making continues…

Check out the original affordable collages at littlebirddepapel.com


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Richard’s Corner

In August, during our Opcation [opera vacation] at Santa Fe Opera, Vicki and I had the great pleasure of attending a poetry reading at Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe. The feature was a poet with whom I was in a writing group for about 5 years.. Her name is Lauren Camp and since she left our group, her career has blossomed. She has won the Dorset Prize ,and is a finalist this year for the NM/AZ poetry award for her latest book, Turquoise Door. Lauren has also gone on multiple residencies including one in Taos at the Mabel Dodge Lujan House. She also teaches poetry workshops, which I would recommend to anyone who wishes to improve their knowledge of poetry and quality of their writing.

I greatly enjoy Lauren’s public readings, which in this case, consisted of a history of Mabel Dodge Lujan’s life interspersed with poems that Lauren wrote while living at Mabel’s place in Taos. While listening to the exuberance and excellence of her poetry and her speaking voice, I thought about what I do in the realm of poetry.

I don’t teach poetry classes. I often need the mic turned up when I read since my voice is so low. What I can do is collaborate with my artist wife, Vicki Bolen on 2D art and handmade books, her art and my poetry. Our combined arts have worked quite well for the past decade.

Two of the most popular poems are:

Wedding wishes
Share the dishes
Laugh long, laugh loud
Years of kisses


No matter how lost we get
Imagination will always get us home

Lines from Lauren Camp’s One Hundred Hungers:

The thick line of life is all hunger
We eat as the sky recedes to countless diaphanous layers.
We eat as logic, loyal. Knowing it will end.


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Vicki Bolen
Little Bird de Papel
1222 Mountain Rd. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

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