May 2023

I am getting used to the fact that these newsletters are part of my life now. I always write them with Vicki structure in mind. So this month the guest artist is Rose Marie Prins, a mixed media artist we met last year when she moved here from Florida. Some of her books can be seen HERE.

People keep dropping in on Saturdays from 12 to 3 to visit at Little Bird. This month, First Friday is May 5, and Little Bird will be open from 4 to 7pm. At 7:30, I head over to Tractor Brewing on 4th Street to compete in Rusty Rutherfords monthly comedy contest. Then, on May 8th, I head up to Taos for my first headlining comedy gig at The Burger Stand and Ale House.

On my birthday, May 10, we will driving Vicki’s desert willow tree to Belen, to merge with Vicki.

In case, anyone wants to come, please let me know on Saturday, May 6th.

Richard’s Corner

My latest poem

DNA never sleeps

There is no room for sleeping
in the realm of unrepentant thoughts,
like a Heidegger who-done-it,
envy of a whip and flash interior design.

The untainted howl of here and now,
alas the joy affixed to recumbent RNA,
where the hex of the Magi takes root,
therefore goest the crest of the unknowing.

The sea surrenders to the malice of the moon,
plume of wizards slither upon the zipline of Tuesday
as the acrimony of solemnity approaches,
a singularity nips off the edge of heaven.

When no one surrenders to hollow repetitions,
hearts flutter, and the stars send their regards.

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