May 2022



AABA Art’s Crawl at Little Bird de Papel

First Friday, May 6th, 5–8pm

Featuring the book arts of Libros and Santa Fe BAG. 20 years of collaborative books by the members.

There are many innovative and unique shapes and forms to view. Well worth a visit.

Come one, come all to the wonderful world of art books.

During First Friday, Holly Wilson is returning to regal us
with her drumming and poetic performance art.

Littlebird is OPEN every Saturday 10am-4pm

Once again, Richard Wolfson
will be writing spontaneous dice poems.

Me & Tessalated Folding

The best zoom workshop I have ever taken, thanks to Madonna Yoder. She has perfected how to teach very difficult subject matter. Thank you for such patience and a well thought out teaching plan

Richard’s Corner

This is the 100th anniversary of The Wasteland, the poem that made poetry like what I write even possible. It begins:

April is the cruelest month
breeding Lilacs out of the dead land
mixing Memory with desire,
stirring Dull roots with spring rain.

It seems that every poem I write has the rhythm of those lines, as if I spend my time making short addendums to Eliot’s revolution, including his love of alliteration. This poem is about a pivotal poet, who courted doom too many times.


Poetry need not end up with its head in the oven,
a recipe of ashes out of moonstones,
an award to be won from misfortune,
an allotment of tongues for the taking,

a mastication of syllable into metaphor,
devalued verbs float above penniless angels,
crayons dulled by time and ennui,
unspoken names, placed in a drawer,

where speech rolls downhill as Sysyphean applause,
where splattered syntax, denounced as sedition
paraphrases itself into exile,
where eggs hatch, free from rhyme and meter.

Words are written on breath that screams,
I write because the birds demand it.

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Vicki Bolen
Little Bird de Papel
1222 Mountain Rd. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

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