MAY 2020

Reflections… from Vicki

At this point in my year I would be returning from Oklahoma City and Chattanooga Art Fairs with a smile on my face of two successful shows. Instead, I am home folding cranes and raking dirt. We are putting in a 20 x 40 foot vegetable garden. This is quite different, I now have the time. Having been raised on a farm this feels like a return to my roots. Thank you so much to Marissa, Chloe and Daisy for their garden whispering. [All at safe distancing.].

Daily, I am grateful to be living with my Valentine and Goldie, the wiggly wonder. Nowadays, we eat all meals together, several walks daily, checking on friends and family, we did not know, we also would require Zoom.

As a visual artist, I am accustom to traveling though out the summer for many art shows, which are all now canceled. This is a good amount of time to contemplate how this will look in the future. I am a person who thrives on projects.

Keep in touch to see how this manifests.

Send sweet messages to family and friends. They want to hear from you.

This is my message for all of you, for following me, for your support:

we are in this together.

Richard’s Corner

A priest, an Imam, and a rabbi walk into a bar.

[ For those who have forgotten, bars were places where when people got tired of drinking at home alone, they could drink together with many others in loud places where comedy open mics often happened. Groups of clergymen were often mentioned in stand up routines.]

The bartender said, “That’s perfect, we were just arguing about the meaning of life just as you three were walking in. Can you elucidate for us?”

Without hesitation, the priest said, “time”
the Imam said,” minus envy”
and the rabbi said, “equals patience.”

The bartender said, “that settles it, the Doctor buys the next round.

A big round of applause for our three wise men.”



When milk was in the clouds,
the onerous act of redemption,
like the lilt left by all known facts,
as incomprehensible as life under a Bodhi tree.

No shift between a meteor’s vacation,
not ready for the necrosis of time
or calamities misplaced like a misery sandwich,
switched at birth with a valedictorian’s necktie.

The noose of mediocrity rolls,
an endless salad spinner,
the untied shoelaces of endless time,
validation measured in coffee spoon memory.

The encapsulation of life beyond sin
is divisible only by the sum of all laughter.


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