March 2022

Celebrate Women's History Month on Mountain Road!

Saturday, March 19, 2022, 10am-4pm

Visit each of the four businesses, get stamped at each location, turn in your card.
You’ll be eligible for a prize.

Little Bird de Papel

is featuring four local women printmakers: Christine Herman, Janet Yagoda Shagam, Mary Sundstrom-Gramer and Vicki Bolen

Also during ArtsCrawl

on Friday, April 1, 5-8pm

at Little Bird de Papel

1222 Mountain Road NW, ABQ

featuring Book Arts Groups

LIBROS and Santa Fe BAG


Holly Wilson, drumming and poetry
Gary Costley, singer/songwriter on Ukulele

Richard’s Corner

This past week’s events are a reminder of one of the greatest fallacies of our collective history; that war is our ultimate drama, and its commanders are worthy protagonists to be remembered. One only has to peer into the brutal dead eyes of this latest master of a juggernaut of death to recognize that “I am not prince Hamlet nor was meant to be.” was written with him in mind. He is not even Macbeth, who still had poetry in his sword.

A little poetry, a perfect melody, and the voluminous echo of laughter are what I hear from our circular past that we call civilization, not the cries of the Sabine Women. Most conquerors are mere names on a historical plaque, which when we see them on TV, with their wasted souls, seems like too much praise.

Apparently, Alexander the great was tutored by Aristotle and had the plays of Euripides memorized. In recognition of that, my poem this month is about an often ignored part of a legend’s past.



In order to wear his diaphanous crown,
he had to endure the baptism of drowning of innocence,
the excism of weakness, designed for some altruistic purpose,
to become the feet of the meandering mountain.

Only the river can validate what Aristotle tutors,
the tone floating in its meantime state,
poetry of Euripides oscillating behind the shield,
the drip of osmosis your only protector.

While the moon speaks and the oceans listen,
only your dolphin ears can hear their dialogue,
the ebb and flow hidden on the dark side,
where all ghosts hide their jewelry.

What insidious sounds splash near to thee
while water whispers among the children’s echo.



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