June 2023

Vicki Bolen’s Memorial at Little Bird on Saturday, June 3rd, 10am-4pm

I think this guest artist idea is working OK so far. Both Georgia and Rose Marie had some sales and got some new exposure. Neither will be partying on Ibiza with Jake from State Farm with their sales, but it seems worthwhile.

June, however, is Vicki month. There will be her official memorial at Little Bird on Saturday, June 3, 10am to 4pm, where you can sing, poess, read out lout, scream, dance, tell a funny joke or story, come just to remember her creative genius, and that she was a much nicer person than her husband (just ask Goldie).


That same husband now does comedy all the time:
all events are in Albuquerque unless otherwise stated

Tuesday at Slice Parlor in Nob Hill, starts at 8pm.
Wednesday at Red Door Brewery downtown, starts at 9pm.
Thursday at Echo Brewery at Gold and 3rd, starts at 5:30pm.
Friday, same as Thursday.

June 7 at 8pm—Revel Entertainment on Alexander Blvd—The Gong Show.
June 15 at 7:30pm—Headlining at Reunity Farm in Santa Fe.
June 16 at 8pm—Revel Entertainment—Comedy Roast Battle.
June 17 at 8pm—The Hall—107 Jefferson.
June 17 at 9:30pm—Headlining at Unhinged Brewery.

After all that, who know what else can happen.

Please come laugh at me sometimes.

Vicki used to ruin my videos by laughing too loud into the phone.
I don’t have that anymore, so I need everyone else to try to ruin my videos.


Richard’s Corner

This poem is on a broadside art piece that was Vicki’s and my last project together.

Medicinal voices,
each flap calls mountains,
the Sandias respond in kind,
as the pilgrimage begins.

Like a small town inn,
Bosque del Apache reservations,
bought and paid for,
a gift from Gaia.

These immigrant beauties return,
to this land that enchants,
where all are welcome, both bear and bird,
where dance smiles the sun.

At dawn, first intuition strikes,
all souls share their peace.


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