June 2022

Photo Credit of Richard Wolfson: David Lee

Dancers: Rico and Cynthia

First Friday—June 3rd 5-8

Featured artist Richard Wolfson, poet—Richard writes spontaneous poetry, some from dreams, some that emanate back from Woodstock days.

Music and dancing by Tropezon Andado (name of band translates to “stumbling walk,” an homage to Yoruba Andado)—musicians are Rico Guillermo, Mark Horst, Ari Posner and Alyson Steinman

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Richard and I collaborated on these whimsical collages available on littlebirddepapel.com

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In the Neighborhood

Richard’s Corner

This is the 60th anniversary of Rachel Carson’s biography of the celebrated entity we all call “climate change.”
That bio, which is
called Silent Spring is a book claimed to be read but everyone, but acted on by only a small percentage of our population. I have been doing a performance piece about this for awhile,
and now I have a poem
to share on the topic.


All the broken bits of bravery,
tied up like sleeves of melancholy,
like the judicious upheaval of plants,
the roots that can’t forsake envy.

The blast that was mistakenly attributed:
To the cathedral of unknowing.
To the timelessness of of magnetic indifference.
To the sound that circumvents memory.

Our time truly evolves out of green truth,
a course that comes with no preferred chalice,
out of the earshot of all the inhabitants
who live beyond the endless mile.

We can only rejoice when time watches us,
while we sit on a porch counting the steps of the wind.

Richard Wolfson
May 2022

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