Our Newsletter is Back!

Update of my pandemic year, thanks to Zoom I was able to learn so many new challenging origami folds. There were many more conventions that brought so many people together both nationally and internationally.

Open First Friday!

July 2nd from 4-8pm
1222 Mountain Road, NW

10% will donated from all art sales on July 2 and 3 with go to support local artist, Lesley Long

LittleBird de Papel is also open every Saturday is open 10–4 open

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Click on the image below to help support Lesley Long in her cancer fight by buying a raffle ticket for a chance to win a piece from a local Albuquerque Artist!

Continued thanks to Andrew Fearnside for the Birds of Burque mural that continues to brighten our Friends of Mountain Road community—follow Andrew on Instragram @andrew.fearnside.art

Richard’s Corner

It is July and we can now see 100% of faces, which means the red chile
stains on my white beard can no longer stay hidden.


Nevertheless everyone has been glad to see that I have survived this past year.

I have been writing my random dice poetry on Saturdays for a while, this one is the most Shakespearean of them.

That one thing,
delighting of moonlight,
could thou be love.

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