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After some delays, redesigns and brilliant insights, we are announcing a new mural on Mountain Rd by Andrew Fernside.



Save the Dates…

January 4–5 sat/sun 10–4

January 25–26 sat/sun 10–4

February 8–9 sat/sun 10–4

February 22–23 sat/sun 10–4

Last day March 14–15 sat/sun 10–4

April 3 and 4 Friday and Saturday
Sale of the new bowls

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100 Day Art Challenge Began October 1st

A sampling of the last 30 days of my 100 day art challenge.

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Richard’s Corner

During this past fall, one of the guiding lights of Albuquerque poetry, passed on to other realms. One of my favorite memories of Stewart was in 2014, when Vicki was off to Japan to make paper and origami, I asked all the poets at an open mic if someone could help me with my shoes and socks. The someone turned out to be Stewart, who came several times and wonderful conversations of poetry and travel ensued.

A stanza by Stewart, followed by my version of a Stewart stanza.

All this inside, outside the business
of you, of me, these towers
of elms lifting rivers,
the heart hard at work on the wheel.

The night knows, and loves
the hidden growl inside a human heart,
where the water flows in circular fashion
and the blood grows wiser still.

There will be a book launch of Stewart’s final book along with a remembrance gathering
at Tortuga Gallery on January 4th from 3-7pm.

2020 Travel Schedule

April 17-19, 2020
4 Bridges Art Festival
First Tennessee Pavilion, 1826 Reggie White Blvd.
Chattanooga, TN

April 21-26, 2020
Festival of the Arts
Bicentennial Park, Downtown OKC
Oklahoma City, OK

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Vicki Bolen
Little Bird de Papel
1222 Mountain Rd. NW
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