Handmade Journals

Origami Accordion Journals have covers made of sturdy archival book board [front and back] for longevity.
The cover boards are covered in Japanese papers, the sturdy elastic band holds beads and coins or keys for a decorative closure.
The “pages” are a classic origami base fold, folded from cardstock. The pages lie flat when stretched out completely,
yet retain their “memory” and always fold back. Each inch book has three feet of writing or drawing surface

Mini-Longstitch Journals are bound by bookcloth spines, long-stiched with linen thread, and have an incredible 200 pages in a 3 x 3 x 3 inch book.
Each page is composed of textweight paper. The covers are washi paper. They are perfect for short poems, small photos, doodling, or endless lists.

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