Muralist Andrew Fearnside preparing for Birds of Burque Mural

See the Reveal March 6th!

Come party with us and raise money for a spectacular new mural on 12th and Mountain at LIttle Bird de Papel!

For the multi-wall mural, I’m combining forces with Andrew Fearnside Art and Design

Andrew is designing and painting the multi wall mural! Plot Duckies is creating a QR code, stories, and website so visitors can scan the code and hear stories about and sounds of birds represented in the mural.

Our party/fundraiser for the mural will include various vendors, and a chance to test our QR code (bring your smart phone and test it out!)



Last Three Weekends to Complete your Bowls

Last 3 weekends to complete your bowls

Saturday, February 8, 10-4

Sunday, February 9, 10-4

Saturday, February 22, 10-4

Sunday, February 23, 10-4

Saturday, March 14, 10-4

Last day, Sunday, March 15, 10–4


Save the Dates!

Sale of the new bowls and serving up soup and other goodies.

Friday, April 3, 4-8pm

Saturday, April 4, 10am-4pm

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100 Day Art Challenge is Completed

Finished for now, more later, be looking for the new art quilts for 2020

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New Art on Website & Prints / Products on Redbubble

Art making continues…

Order your crane-related cards, collages, earrings, and garden art on littlebirddepapel.com


60-plus prints and products per image at redbubble.com/people/littlebirdpapel

Richard’s Corner

This month marks the 15th anniversary of writing poetry with MaryMcGinnis, poet extraordinaire. Mary, like Homer is one of the great sightless poets. Of course, Mary has written 5000 poems and Homer only wrote two, but we don’t hold that against him.

In January of 2005, 6 months after the death of my poetry wife, I attended one of Mary’s Sunday evening poetry writing groups. I had known Mary from New Vistas, where we both worked. For the last few months, I had been dreaming in words each night and writing them down. They were all prose pieces, not poems, but they gave me the impetus to seek out Mary’s group. That night, we wrote and I still wrote in prose.

That very night, my writing dreams continued, only now in poetry. So I learned poetry by McGinnis osmosis.

An example of a Mary poem and one that I wrote at her table about 2 years ago


Your daughter bought you a battery-operated TV—
you walked her ten acres pulling

Mistletoe off the trees. Although you said you never felt
Like yourself, you finished a deck and built a stone room

Onto a sunporch. And finally found the perfect truck
For you to drive for the last two months
Before you died.

Mary McGinnis


We live in cold sweat.
All percolations of perspective lie
hidden beyond what water can reach,
silence, it cuts through threads of despair.

When the dark breath of envy scorches,
we ask the robin for dispensation,
trees can only offer communion of leaf sound,
the audacity we wish for, falls upon us like rain.

To walk on water leaves no footprint.
To wait for love, the only gift that gets us there.

Richard Wolfson

2020 Travel Schedule

April 17-19, 2020
4 Bridges Art Festival
First Tennessee Pavilion, 1826 Reggie White Blvd.
Chattanooga, TN

April 21-26, 2020
Festival of the Arts
Bicentennial Park, Downtown OKC
Oklahoma City, OK

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