We are at the 4 Bridges Arts Festival in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Over the years, we have made many friends at this festival and at other arts and crafts shows.We often stay with artists we’ve met when we come to shows in their cities.

One good friend we’ve made is Beverly Hayden, a local Chattanooga artist. We  were happy to reconnect with her this year.

Photo of Beverly Hayden

Local Chattanooga artist, Beverly Hayden

Beverly is an assemblage artist. She enjoys playing with power tools to  create mixed media assemblage art that incorporates paint, beeswax or any other medium that catches her fancy.  She loves the way assemblage artwork lets her be  a  storyteller. According to Beverly, “I believe one of the main reasons for art is to help us find and connect with that place within where peace, calm, happiness, safety and sense of self and family exist in abundance.”

Find out more about Beverly and her artwork at BeverlyHayden.com.

–Vicki Bolen


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