Happy Holidays from Little Bird de Papel

Our end of the year sale of origami tree ornaments was quite successful with a donation for thousands of meals to Roadrunner Food bank. Thank you Albuquerque for your love of art and your fellow citizens. Next year a different ornament and a different mission.


Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year 2022

Little Bird de Papel will continue to be open every Saturday from 10–4 into the new year. We love to see you spending time in the Mountain Road neighborhood. We are enriched by your support of the local art economy. Richards spontaneous poetry writing will also continue at the studio.

And More about the New Year 2022

Little Bird de Papel will start Arts Crawl on First Friday March 2022. Stay tuned for more artists, new ideas and a commitment to planting trees with more info coming later.

Richard’s Corner


December has been a good month for spoken word performances. Above pic is from the German American Club on the 2nd. Later, poetry and laughter at Sunday Chatter on the 5th

Next Sunday the 19th will be the yearly solstice poetry reading at the Presbyterian Church in Placitas which is available for live viewing via Zoom

This is the poem I will be reading:



There exists a recipe for dance,
whether at midnight tap and roll,
or elongated elegance of

a waltz and a walking stick.

Morning engenders a cessation,
no more caterwauling in solemn tones,
nor jit of dust or repercussion from moon,
the edge of felicity, like rudderless music.

When sacred notes are rolled into a ball,
flung out upon the outer seams of a galaxy,
resounding and rebounding to a soothing call,
the splatter of matter, a never ending echo.

When first light crackled like a withered hand,
gave every tiny atom the will to expand always.

Richard Wolfson
September 2021

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