On Saturday, January 27, check out at Central Features an exhibition of experimental artist-made books that prioritizes conceptual book forms, non-traditional materials, collaborative or interdisciplinary projects, and unconventional approaches to narrative, storytelling, and documentation. Boundless also includes an art zine selection curated by Marya Errin Jones.

Vicki Bolen is a printmaker, paper artist, bookbinder, and
origami artist. After many years her work naturally evolved beyond origami to include handmade greeting cards, book making, boxes and monoprints. In 2006 I started collaborating on book arts with my life partner
Richard Wolfson, who had begun writing after the death of his wife JoAnn, in 2004. Many of his poems come from dreams and shamanic journeys.

Here is an example of one of Vicki’s handmade books.
Click here to see more.

Also on Saturday, January 27th, check out at 516 Arts

The US-Mexico Border: Place, Imagination, and Possibility

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