August 2022

Paper Dolls: Evolution and Articulation on First Friday!


First Friday, August 5, 5–8pm

Paper Dolls: Evolution and Articulation featuring artists: Dale Harris, Louisa Barkalow, Margy O’Brien, Ginger Rice,Terry Garrettt, Esther Feske, and Vicki Bolen

This fun project manifests what seven adult artists presently relate to early memories of paper dolls and their environment.




Little Bird de Papel is open every Saturday from 10am–4pm


Richard Wolfson, poet, will be writing spontaneous poetry, some from dreams, some that emanate back from Woodstock days.


Richard’s Corner

Lately, I have been thinking about how shamanism and poetry deal with the unseen world, not our visible world, which is why I don’t write political or current event poems. Every Saturday, I offer to anyone who ventures into Vicki’s studio a spontaneous poem,
AKA “Close Encounters of The Third Word. On the last Saturday of July, I took my poetry gig to a small craft fair
at Remedy Coffee on Lomas in Albuquerque.

The following is what I have been writing recently at Mary McGinnis’s writing group:


Art confounds our sense of causality,
as an owl is boxed in by biology,
the offense of sadness sits like beatitude,
like the swoosh that hides just under the wind.

To compare thee with a tensile moon
defers the inconvertible truth of vanity,
the solemn cast that falls away, invincible,
like midnight, like a lugubrious echo,

that harkens back to Byzantine belief,
in the sanctity of the lips of the ocean,
the uncut joy of a time and space solution,
where calamity can be undone under a sonnet’s gaze.

The magnitude that memory cannot evade,
like seaweed, like the mermaids sweetly singing.

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