Origami Cranes for Hiroshima Peace Day, August 6th

You are invited

August 6th, First Friday ArtsCrawl, 4-8pm

Litle Bird de Papel, 1222 Mountain Rd NW, Albuquerque

I want to help you fold an origami crane for peace

Did you know?

Albuquerque has a Children’s Peace Statue!

This statue was inspired by the Sadako Sasaki statue in Hiroshima,Japan.

Today, people all around the world have the opportunity to donate cranes that they have folded in honor of Sadako Sasaki and all the other young victims. The paper crane is a symbol of peace, which was her last dying wish.

at Little Bird de Papel

We are updating the studio, painting and more gallery space, to be seen in September.

Also, Vicki is participating in a group exhibit of Paper Doll Art by various artists.
Check for the September events.

Richard’s Corner

After 18 months of the most extraordinary strangeness, with no travel for art shows since 2019, we are finally off to somewhere. We haven’t told our dog Goldie yet but we are off to Santa Fe for our yearly opera vacation[skipped in 2020]. We will actually be sleeping somewhere else for 4 nights, during the second week of August, whileGoldie will be partying with Rocko and his person Sami.

We still spend Saturdays at Vicki”s shop so people can have regular access to her art. Many people who come in are surprised to be offered a spontaneously written poem while they peruse Vicki’s art.

They just have to pick 3 word dice, throw them on the table, and when they are done shopping, they walk out with a new poem that contains their 3 words.

Here are 2 examples from last Saturday:

1–As fast as the mountain
runs from the moon,
grass touches the softness
that falls off a star’s halo

2–The clearest eye,
skilled as the edge of all water,
wise as the fish who reads
the map of the oceans flow.

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Little Bird de Papel
1222 Mountain Rd. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102

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