APRIL 2023

It is an odd thing that I, Richard, not Vicki, is composing an artist newsletter about art. I am better suited for a podcast about how to compose a joke that will equal the laughter of slipping on a banana peel. Is that a 3 banana peel joke or just a 2?

But I have recently realized the importance of owning an art gallery. It can be a vehicle for showcasing artists who may not have access to other more established art galleries. It can be a place where other galleries can decide if they want to exhibit their work. This month, the guest artist is Georgia Santa-Maria, noted poet and photographer.

Little Bird presents photos by Georgia Santa-Maria

 Little Bird will be open April 7th for First Friday from 4pm to 7pm

Little Bird will be open on Saturdays in April from 12 to 3

Richard’s Corner

My jazz poem


My trumpet, stuck in second gear,
roaring up main streets,
detonating the mouths of our grandchildren,
pondering road-signs to bus-stop cathedrals.

The second son, touting shoeless legs,
reciting Vedic tutu venom,
dreaming in failure of the common good,
guiding thirst into wireless nights.

Second sleep, honey passion tree,
breathing Creamsicle revivals,
reciting never-ending charlatan poetry
courting lives returned “address undeliverable”.

Since we lost the taste of Miles Davis,
for the second time.

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