Vicki Bolen, is a paper artist working out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Her shop Little Bird de Papel Handmade offers prints, handmade books, origami earrings, art cards, garden art & more.

Take a Selfie at Little Bird!

We in New Mexico always look forward to the arrival of the sandhill cranes, who grace us yearly with their presence. And of course, Balloons, Balloons, and more Balloons. Vicki’s art does not include representations of balloons or buffaloes, but feel free to snap selfies with the scrumptious cranes on her mural, along with all the other avian friends of the cranes.

Happy autumn!! Come by 1222 Mountain Rd NW to snap your selfie tag us to let us know you were there #littlebirdddepapelinsta and #andrewfearnsidedesign.

Featuring Louise Coleman

First Friday Artscrawl, October 7, 5-8pm

1222 Mountain Road NW, Albuquerque 87102


"I am a collector of broken memories, an anthropologist of cultures long gone. I gather articles belonging to others’ pasts. When I add these found objects to my dismantled and unfinished art—to pieces I have filed and left inert—my sleeping paintings wake and are replanted. They grow and follow a fresh path to breathe anew. That path, that added physical dimension, allows them to bloom. My paintings respond to the call of discarded objects; they become the supporting voice for those objects. My art boxes are a sanctuary for a collection of broken copper hearts, lost photos, aged wire, iridescent mosaics, vintage keys, feathers, and bottle caps from sodas of past decades." ~ Louise Coleman

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